Friday, 19 September 2014


"Listen to LISTEN". That's what it's going to say on the link to the podcast this week and there's frankly nothing we can do about that.

It's been a while since we've had to deal with an episode that's garnered near universal praise, the kind where dissenters are treated like there's something wrong with them, and it's odd how the pressure to deliver can build up, even for an irreverent, low-hassle podcast such as ours. How well do we do? You can find out when you listen to LISTEN.

This week there are fewer technical issues and we manage to avoid locking ourselves out, but due to a confluence of vehicle and builder noise, the outside efficiently breaks in a few times.

But anyway, come join us for a surprisingly broad range of opinions, noises, embarrassing and poorly-thought-out comments and pronunciations of Capaldi.

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Listen to LISTEN

Friday, 12 September 2014

PODCAST: Robot of Sherwood

In Robot of Sherwood, Mark Gatiss added another string to his bow (ho ho!) by writing a Doctor Who episode that was pure knockabout comedy. It can be difficult to get the tone on these historical farces right - if the plot is too silly or the jokes don't land then it can all fall apart and become The Shakespeare Code.

So which way did it go? You'll hear both extremes of opinion this week, and well as our customary fidgety noises, one listener's surprising revelation as to how he pictures us and our theory as to why the robots just wanted to eat pizza and listen to reggae.

Another thing that happened this week is that our attempt to record a more compact episode than our somewhat bloated offerings of late ironically led to a recording that took well over three hours to complete. What was the hilarious incident which led to such a mammoth recording session? You'll just have to listen to find out!


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Friday, 5 September 2014

PODCAST: Into the Dalek

Would you make a good Dalek? It probably depends which definition of "good" is being used, and therein lies the problem with the word itself.

Despite the clearly fascinating conversational possibilities brought about by this linguistic tripwire, we thought we might end up with quite a short show this week, but our feedback massive had other ideas. We were so distracted that neither of us even thought to mention how impressed we were with Into the Dalek's interpretation of Hartnell's very first Dalek adventure as the moment he first realises what it means to be the Doctor ("The Doctor is not the Daleks"). It's sweet, it's nostalgic and - if you've seen the very first few episodes of Doctor Who ever - it's completely accurate.

We're certainly living up to the Eleventh Hour name this week, being released incredibly late. We'd beg your forgiveness, but the general reaction from people is that they've just come to expect it,. Damn.

Join Joe and Chris as they discuss soundtrack possibilities, create the worst ending for a Sherlock Holmes adventure ever, require the window to be open (thus allowing a lot of jet aircraft noise onto the podcast again), mention Jim Watari and talk about blood being forcibly removed from their bodies.


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Friday, 29 August 2014

PODCAST: Deep Breath

Doctor Who is back! Yes, Science Fiction's great behemoth has returned and, even if over the past few years we've seen that the great beast start to look a little shabby, and even if we've glanced into its innards and seen some stuff in there that doesn't quite seem healthy, and even if this extended metaphor isn't really working anymore, still Doctor Who is back! And that of course means that your trusty Eleventh Hour Podcast is properly back, even if that only means that two guys have to be in the same place together (physically or electronically) drinking Pepsi Max and devoting at least a little time to the programme in question.

At one point you probably shouldn't have held your breath (ho ho) in anticipation of a new episode, but Joe and Chris have actually managed to fulfill these relatively minor conditions. Here we go once again, then, for some ramblings on 'Deep Breath', the episode that makes our name really, really out-of-date. What did we think of it? Well, expectations can be high, especially when a well-known furious Scot is piloting the beast (stop that - Ed.) but let's say this much: if we had started our podcast now we probably wouldn't have called ourselves the "Deep Breath Podcast".

Anyway, enough of this gay banter. Join our loveable idiots once more as they try and sneak in wrestling chat, reference a song referenced in the MST3K episode 'Soultaker' and once more make fun of our loyal listeners. It's good to be back, baby!



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Friday, 8 August 2014

PODCAST: Episode Zero - Series 8


That's right: the Doctor Who podcast with the out-of-date name is back! The podcast that nearly had all the love for Doctor Who bashed out of it during the previous two-year-long 13 part series is not dead yet!

You probably know the score about episode zeroes by now: no music, minimal editing and - and this is the big difference - a more lax attitude to information relating to later episodes (only officially released information is covered, however). An interesting balancing act when, for the first time, one of us knows basically nothing and the other knows far too much thanks to Marcelo Camargo. If we're being honest, this was mainly an excuse to get us up and running again, and we hope few of you will begrudge us this opportunity.

So, once again join Joe and Chris as they find out whether tears are enough (they are not), if Heath Slater could possibly beat Seth Rollins (he can), whether you should go tell your dad (the horny dude) and finally which one of us is a bona-fide bastard (it's Joe).


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Friday, 21 March 2014

PODCAST: Daytime of the Doctor

Your EHPodcast pals are back after the traditional delay that follows a standalone special episode of Doctor Who. Have two of them in a row and the delay grows to enormous proportions. See? It's clearly not our fault.

Anyway, plug in and enjoy as we talk about The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor. Hear about Joe's face-to-face with Steven Moffat at an industry event and Chris's brief encounter with a more famous Chris in the Drill Hall toilets.

Joe talks philosophy, takes a phone call and continues to dig himself a personal hole using the power of the spoken word. In turn, Chris makes the mistake of attempting to reference Booker T's infamous slip-up at at WCW's Spring Stampede 1997, with unsexy results.

The images are once again courtesy of the marvellous Grande-Caps.


Saturday, 23 November 2013



Listeners of the Eleventh Hour Podcast are often heard to state that they enjoy just hearing Joe and Chris having a chat, even if it diverges them heavily from the subject of Doctor Who.

That's good to hear, because this episode is going to test the mettle of even the the most ramble-happy, Who-diverging crowd in that it's basically a catch-up chat wherein your hosts briefly talk about seven minutes of extremely good Doctor Who action in the shape of the Night of The Doctor mini-episode starring what's-his-name.

So, join Joe and Chris as they create the hotdog pizza helpline, cannot pronounce the surname of a long-standing listener and challenge industrious, voyeuristic listeners to both construct a timeline of Joe's personal life and define Chris's employers just based on the clues given in previous episodes.

Lazy voyeurs will also be happy to know that they can learn of Joe's personal habits when working from home just by listening to this single episode.

Men mentioned include Cliff Burton, Trace Beaulieu, David Boreanaz, Van Ling, Bo Dallas and - funnily enough - Paul McGann. Give it a spin!

And remember, THREE layers of pizza recursion is nonsense.

Image, once again, courtesy of Grande-Caps

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